How the Littles Stay Cool

It’s July, and that means its hot in New York. Really hot. And its made a bit worse by not having any air conditioning, despite it being the 21st century. But that won’t get the Littles down any! Nope, they’re still running around and having fun while waiting to be adopted. Today they wanted to share their summer stay-cool tips with all their friends!

WP_20130705_002Play in the shade. A Little’s gotta play outside! But when the sun beats down, it can get hot and put a damper on the fun. And that’s when the games move into the shade of the flowers and plants!


Drink lots of water. With all the running around and playing the WP_20130705_011Littles do, you gotta stay hydrated!! They swap out all sugary drinks like juice and soda for good ‘ole water. If it gets bland, they add flavor packets for extra yumminess. Extra fun-freeze flavored water into ice cubes. As they melt, they add a delicious touch to your drink!



Watch movies by the fan. Some Littles are big Netflixers! They love to snuggle down and enjoy a good movie. In the summer, they like to gather on my mommy’s bed so they can enjoy the fan while they watch!WP_20130705_005

WP_20130705_006Cook outside. When its hot, the last thing you want is to heat up the house by turning on the oven. So the Littles head outside and grill up yummy coins instead! Coin on the cob, cheeseburger quarters, shikanickels…Mmm!


WP_20130705_012Turn off the lights. Lights can get hot and heat up a room quickly. So when it’s extra warm, the Littles turn off the lights and read by the light of an open window. It saves electricity and lowers the heat!

How do YOU keep cool in the summer?


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