Monday Sneak Peak: July 15

Hello everybody! It has been a while since the last Sneak Peak into our lives, so my mommy and I decided to show you a bit of what we’ve been up to lately.

We had a super fun Fourth of July-nice and relaxing. We decided to stay home for the night, and at first mommy was kind of bummed to miss out on all the fireworks around the city. But when the sun was setting, and we headed out to the back yard to enjoy the cooler air, we got a surprise-lots of little fireflies flittering around the garden! It was so-and excuse the cheesieness-magical and romantic. (Well, at least for mommy and daddy. I chased the fireflies, but I couldn’t catch any! Slippery little things!)

A few days later we spend a fun day in Coney Island. Now, when people visit New York City, they always forget about Coney Island for some reason. I feel this is a big mistake of missed opportunities. Between Luna Park, the Cyclone roller coaster, Nathan’s Hotdogs (yup! where they host the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest!), MCU park and the Cyclones and of course the beach, there’s literally something fun for everyone! So what were we doing in Coney Island?

We enjoyed a leisurely meal at the brand new AppleBees. We strolled along the boardwalk. And then we went to the square ring-for TNA wrestling!

You see, way back in the day, my mommy was a big, big wrestling fan. Really big.WP_20130705_048 Like, posters all over her bedroom wall big. Never missed Monday Night Raw wrestling fan. She has calmWP_20130705_034ed down a bit in her old age, but she still harbors a secret love for certain characters-such as Jeff Hardy, Devon and Kurt Angle. So you can imagine how she squeeled like that long lost 13 year old when they came out on stage!


Other than this, we’ve just been hanging out and having a fun, relaxing summer with the occasional movie to escape the heat. So far we’ve seen The Lone Ranger, The Heat and White House Down. All very fun! We also took in a brand new Broadway play called First Date starring Zachary Levi. I suspect it will become a smash hit!

What have you and your family been up to this summer?


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