Spread the Word: The Littles are Green!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Everyone here in Littles Land has a BIG announcement to make!

We’re green.

Ok, some are pink, others are yellow and some are rainbow colored. We mean we are eco-friendly! How so, you ask? Well, some of the Littles came out to share ‘econess.’


WP_20130717_036My mommy uses DecoArt and Craftsmart acrylic paints to help bring the Littles to life. Why does this matter? Besides being great for all surface types, they are water based and nontoxic. Mad cool, right? To give them a nice, smooth sealant coat, she sprays them with Krylon sealers. “But aren’t spray paints toxic and bad for the environment?” you ask. Nope! Once dry, Krylon products are completely nontoxic and safe. And Krylon is working to minimize their environmental impact as well, including using sustainable raw materials and reducing solvent vapors.

As if that wasn’t enough, my mommy only uses synthesized brush hair in her brushes so no animals get WP_20130717_043hurt. And when she cleans those brushes she uses good old fashioned dish soap-no harsh cleaning chemicals! Her favorite brand to use is Dawn because they help wildlife affected by oil spills.

WP_20130717_052The Littles are also big reusers. When they are adopted, they go on a shipping scavenger hunt! They find a reusable box and reusable packing products such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. They have fun assembling their travel space and feel good about helping the earth!


A lot of small changes can make a big impact.WP_20130717_039 And we’re not done yet! We are always looking for new ways to be even greener, more eco-friendlier! While we’re finding ways to be eco-er, you can rest assured that all Littles you adopt are safe for the planet and your family!


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