Monday Sneak Peak: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Us!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Last week here in New York was hot. Mad hot. Like, hang out in the dark or go to a movie hot. So not much really happened around here worth sharing (unless you’re really into a bunch of Netflixing…) Instead, we thought we’d share some random facts you probably don’t know about us.

  1. I am a jewelry hoarder. Honestly, I love jewelry-earrings, necklaces, and (most recent addiction) bracelets, if it’s pretty, sparkly or cute, I gotta have it! And ya know what? I’m going to throw hair accessories, hats and scarves in there, too.
  2. I love movies. You may have noticed that I go to a lot of movies. Its a fun, relatively cheap mid-week date. What you don’t know is that I have over 200 DVD’s. Yeup. Action, comedy, rom-com, cartoon-just love ’em all!
  3. I’m a big classic-lit nerd. I have every Jane Austen novel, and have read Around the World in 80 Days several times. In fact, one of my favorite Valentine’s day gifts is an 1880 publication of The Three Musketeers.
  4. I am a vegetarian. Yup. Not much else to say here! 🙂
  5. My degree is in music. Back on the west coast, I was classical bass player and teacher. Even got a degree in it! When I moved to New York, I decided to step away from music for a bit-and started Just for Littles!
  6. I can sing every word of Les Miserables. Not well, mind you, but I know every word to every song. So, dream a dream on that!
  7. I am a huge Elton John fan. Huge fan. HUGE fan. Like, if he showed up and asked me to wash his shoes, I’d squeal with excitement and make those suckers sparkle.
  8. My favorite outfit is a pair of jeans with a sweatshirt. I enjoy all the seasons, but the real Marella is the Marella in comfy jeans and big sweatshirt!
  9. I enjoy playing video games with the boyfriend. Right now we’re playing through the Assassin’s Creed games and have made it to Ezio’s final game.
  10. I have a huge weakness for oreo ice cream. Mmm….so good! Keep it away from me!
  11. The Mariners are my home team! All hail King Felix!!
  12. I’m also a big football fan. Love the NY Giants and the Seattle Seahawks! Can’t wait for the Seahawks’ first superbowl championship (it’s gonna happen!!).
  13. I’m a big hair metal fan. Motely Crue, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Journey, etc…all awesome! (And yea, I own a copy of Rock of Ages, duh!).
  14. I grew up in Washington. State, that is.
  15. My first concert was Weird Al. I was 11 and it was fantastically awesome!
  16. I am an awesome baker, but I never bake. Seriously, the first time I made sugar cookies for my boyfriend he cried. I never bake cause it sticks to my booty for.e.ver.
  17. I get lost in books. Frequently I will get sucked in for hours on end. Even if I don’t like the book a ton, I get so wrapped up I can’t put it down.
  18. I love salsa dancing. I even won third place in a contest once!
  19. There’s not enough Mexican food on the planet. Zomg! Sooo good!
  20. My preferred drink is wine. Especially white wine. More especially sangria! (Cause then it counts as a fruit, and is extra healthy!)
  21. My favorite part of NYC is the people. I love hanging out on the stoop and having friends and neighbors just stop by to chat.
  22. I love gossip mags. BUT I only let myself read them at the gym!
  23. I truly believe in retail therapy. Sometimes, just shopping and getting something pretty can really make you feel better about yourself and the world. Top it off with a light iced mocha-the world is perfect!
  24. I love LOVE cute socks. My sock drawer runneth over!
  25. I really love exclamation points. I really do. They just add that perfect punch!

So there ya go-25 things you probably didn’t know about me! I’d love to hear something about you!


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