Math. Ugh.

When I was a kid, I loved reading. I always did my spelling book weeks ahead. My art and social studies projects got me an A every time. I even looked forward to doing my homework.

Except for math.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand it-I did. It was just soooo boring! From learning my basic numbers to trigonometry, I hated having to sit still and do a bunch of boring problems. Sure, my teachers told me ‘math is fun!’ but I think my problem was in the presentation. The main teaching method for math was rote memorization. Learn your multiplication tables by doing them over and over again. And over again, again.



And when I talk to my niece and nephew, it seems this is still the preferred method of mathematical teaching. Parents and teachers just drill numbers into kids’ heads–it’s what happened to them, so its really the only way they know how to teach it. Unfortunately, this usually leads to a plethora of kids who “hate” math.

WP_20130424_026This is why Just for Littles’ banks are so fantastic! They help kids of all ages learn all different aspects of math and money-without them even realizing it! Small ones get to “feed” yummy coins to their bank without noticing they’re counting. Older kids can start to solve problems given to them by their parents-“Can you put 7 coins in the teddy bear?” or “Let’s put 57 cents in, how can we make that?”

As they get older, kids begin to understand the concepts of money and saving it. They can watch their allowance grow with a bank log. They learn faster because it’s real to them, not just problem #12 in their math book. If they need to save $10.00, they learn exactly what that means and how long will take.

Before math becomes boring and a chore, Just for Littles banks makes it engaging and fun–so kids develop and carry these skills with them their entire lives!


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