New Friends

Hello Friends–hope you’re having a happy Friday!

I am so excited to introduce the newest friends in  Little’s Land-four new teddy bears, a turtle and one very goofy piggy!

WP_20131003_021Honey Bear is as sweet as her name! I adore the little flowers on her ears.

WP_20131003_027Blue Bear might look blue-but don’t let him fool you! He’s one of the happiest guys in Little’s Land!

WP_20131003_014That light through yonder window breaking? That’s Juliet Bear! She’s all about happiness and love (and none of the tragedy)!

WP_20131003_036Stormy Bear loves thunder & lightening storms almost as much as she loves her glittery pink tummy and paws!

WP_20131003_004Probably the grooviest turtle you’ll ever meet, Brick the Turtle likes to shake his groove thang to Brick House-what else?

WP_20131003_045Cammie, Cammie….what can be said about Cammie Piggy? She’s super goofy, silly, and all around FUN. I love her googly eyes and big smile!

These new friends are all so excited to join the rest of the Littles while waiting to be adopted into fun homes. They’re all skilled in helping children learn math by eating the nummy yummy coins kids feed them! And, as always, ALL Littles are eco-friendly and nontoxic-aka, safe for kids! You can find them-and all the Littles (including some fun fall/Halloween Monster Banks!)-in my shop: Just for Littles.

Which new friend is your favorite?? Let me know in the comments!


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