November, Already?

WP_20131031_061 Holy cannoli-I woke up today, turned my calendar and see it’s already November! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween full of Trick or Treating last night. We had a blasthad a blast in Little’s Land-tons of WP_20131031_043super heros, princesses and even a Tardis came to our door! And we even got a few new Little’s in the shop, just in time to help us celebrate! If you’ve got time, pop on over and say hello to our newest friends in the shop!

Speaking of celebrating–can you believe we’re in the final stretches of 2013? Soon we’llWP_20131031_027 have big turkey dinners with mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce–not to mention the pumpkin pie (yummm!). Then, it’s full head-on into Christmas! Got your list ready? Kids? Mom? Hubby? Grandma? Aunt Thelma? The piano teacher? The post man? That friendly neighbor whose name your rarely remember (Ted? Ned? Something -ed, that’s for sure!). Amazing how fast that list can grow!

WP_20131031_001Don’t worry-we got ya covered!

Together with 50 other great Storenvy shops, we are taking on Cyber Monday with a WP_20131031_012storm! 50 shops offering 30% off EVERYTHING in their stores-all with the same code! Yeah. We got something for literally everyone on your list-even your weird coworker who has, I dunno, colorful little pigs all over her cubicle. It’s that epic.

WP_20131031_039Over the next few weeks, leading up to Cyber Monday, I’ll be highlighting what’s going on in not only my shop but in my fellow 50 Cyber Monday shops as well. When Cyber Monday comes along, you’ll be a lean, mean shopping machine–in the comfort of your PJs!

Who’s the most difficult person to shop for on your Christmas list?


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