Cyber Monday Shop Highlight: A Single Dream

I have two very serious weaknesses: chocolate and pretty jewelry. While Christine of A Single Dream can’t help my chocolate addiction, she certainly fills my need for jewelry! Honestly, I’m a little obsessed with her work.

WP_20131104_004She creates her unique pieces by offsetting copper wire with earthy colored crystals and beads. In my humble (but correct!) opinion, her creations are simply gorgeous!

My obsession started small, as most obsessions do, with a single pair of earrings. I loved the green crystals and the swirly design of the copper wire. I liked them when I ordered them online; I fell in LOVE with them when they arrived on my door step!

WP_20131104_015WP_20131104_039From there, I ordered a purple bracelet with a charm that says “hope.” Again, instant love! And I had to have her create a matching green bracelet to match my logo colors, with a charm that says “peace.” I wear the set at craft shows. They are simple, pretty and remind me to smile and have a good time! Plus, I get so many compliments!

WP_20131104_042With every new piece, I fell more in love! Now, I have six bracelets (soon to be seven!), two pairs of earrings and a fabulous necklace. Each one is completely one of a kind, a style that you just don’t see in stores. I love it!

When I began taking pictures of my pieces for this blog post, I got a little wrapped up-it was a LOT of fun to photograph some of my favorite things. I’ll admit, I started getting a little artsy with my shots, too. But I think they came out fun–so enjoy this sampling of Christine’s amazing work! Her shop and contact information are listed at the bottom!



WP_20131104_037WP_20131104_025 WP_20131104_035 WP_20131104_032WP_20131104_031WP_20131104_023 WP_20131104_018Amazing, huh? What’s more awesome is that A Single Dream is participating in the Storenvy Cyber Monday 30% off sale! That’s right. On December 2 EVERYTHING in her shop-and 50 other Storenvy shops-will be 30% off with code Storenvyflash30! You’ll have to get up pretty early to beat me, tho! I’ll be first in cyber line!

Connect with A Single Dream in the online shop and on Facebook!

Connect with me in my online shop, Just for Littles, and on my Facebook page!! And keep an eye out for more Cyber Monday Shop Highlights!


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