Cyber Monday Shop Highlight: Unique Creations by Tracy and Twisted Thread and Hook

Remember that epic Storenvy sale coming up on Cyber Monday? I’m sure you’ve seen the ads all over the internet:

logYes!!! Over 50 shops (Just for Littles, included!) and 30% off EVERYTHING in those 50+ shops for one day only! It’s coming up soon-December 2nd is right around the corner! As we get closer, I’m going to highlight some of the fabulous shops participating! Today I’d like to introduce you to Unique Creations by Tracy And Twisted Thread and Hook.

Unique Creations by Tracy:

2005_mediumTracy custom makes all of the adorableness in her shop-and my gosh, it’s so cute! My absolute favorite is her owl pillow. She makes them in a variety of colors, and always turns out sweet! I got one for myself in a nice, warm homey brown and I love it!! It’s perfect snuggle-size and looks great in my home.

She also offers a full line of adorable kid’s items, from 2016_mediumcrotched stuffed animals, dolls, monsters (yay!!), hats and loveys. All are so stinkin’ cute and also available in a wide variety of colors. So your niece can cuddle her awesome dragon in her favorite color!



Connect with Unique Creations by Tracy in the Online Shop or on Facebook!

Twisted Thread and Hook:

704-CompassRug1_medium“Sail away with me, into the handcrafted world of rugs and mats!”

Okay, let me be honest with everyone. Before I heard of Twisted Thread and Hook, I thought a rug is a rug, a mat is a mat, they go on the floor and that is that! NOT SO! These rugs are beautifully handmade from rope or fleece, and are gorgeous! Seriously, you won’t have to decorate anything over two feet above your floor because guests will spend the entire time admiring your unique rugs!

OwlRug1_originalRope rugs are handmade with 100% natural cotton yarn (no synthetics! Yay!) so they’re very soft! Add the texture of rope and it’s like getting a foot massage in your own home.

Fleece rugs are also handmade with super soft fleece, so they’re warm and cozy for story time, play time or any time! And they’re machine washable, so they’re perfect for the nursery! 501_20Butterfly_204b_original



Connect with Twisted Thread and Hook in the Online Shop or on Facebook!!

And don’t forget to connect with me, too! You can check out Just for Littles for one of a kind hand painted banks for kids and get in on insider deals on Facebook! Keep an eye out for more Cyber Monday Shop Highlights!!


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