Christmas Custom Orders

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!! I am so excited, I love so much about Christmas writing out Christmas cards, baking cookies, hanging garland and decorating the tree. So much ho-ho-holiday spirit!

One of my absolute favorite things is creating special custom orders for Santa to leave under the tree! I love the creative challenge they present, trying to take someone’s vision and make it a reality that they will love. Sometimes people come up with ideas I never would have otherwise!  This year, I have been having an absolute blast creating unique, one of a kind banks for kids and adults alike, and I want to share them all with you!

WP_20131211_001 WP_20131211_002This little guy is probably my favorite custom order for this holiday season! A dear friend told me about her brand new grand-nephew, Charles, who had just been born. She loved him from the first photos and kept referring to him as “Prince Charles.” When she asked for a special teddy bear bank, I knew exactly what to do! She loved him!

WP_20131126_004 WP_20131126_002These two teddy bears were custom made for a set of sisters, who share a room. I inverted the colors on them so they weren’t too “matchy-matchy” and made them both unique. When they girls saw them they squealed with delight! (I love the flowers on the pink one, and the stitches on the purple one!)


WP_20131107_003 WP_20131104_051 WP_20131101_002These turtles all went to different places, and each had a unique desire. The first one was for a San Francisco 49er fan. I had never thought to put a helmet on a turtle, but I think he turned out adorably! (See, sometimes the best ideas come from others!





I love to try new things, and that’s exactly what I got to do with the other two turtles. I wasn’t too sure how flowers and butterflies on the shells would look, but I absolutely LOVE it-look for more similar ones in the shop soon!

WP_20131106_005 WP_20131211_008 WP_20131211_005

Growing up, I never EVER found my name on anything the other kids did. Apparently there aren’t too many Marella’s out there. So I love that I can give kids something special with their name on it. Watching their eyes light up when they read their name is priceless!


Finally, who could resist this little “Baby’s 1st Christmas” penguin ornament? When my friend asked if I could write it on his belly, I felt silly that I hadn’t thought of it before!


Are there any fun custom items under your tree? Remember, customization and personalization are always free on all Just for Little’s products!


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