Friendly Friday: Mia the Monster Bank

Happy First Friday of 2014! I am so excited today because I am introducing a new segment to the blog: Friendly Fridays! Each Friday, I will chose one lucky Little from my shop to feature here to better introduce them and their story to you! Today’s Little is Mia the Monster Bank.


Mia started out as a twin set and had a brother named Micha. He had blue and green spotsWP_20130424_076 and horns, but other than that, they were practically identical! However, Micha was monstadopted separately from his sister, but they keep in touch through MyMonsterBookSpace. So now Mia is hanging around Littles Land with all of her other Littles friends!

Mia’s favorite activity is reading. She always has her three eyes peeled WP_20130424_082to a book. When she finishes one, she picks up another-she just cannot get enough! In fact, I’ve even found her up late reading in the library with a flashlight some nights! She loves Dr. Seuss’ silly tongue twisters, and absolutely adored the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland. Right now she’s reading Harry Potter, and really enjoying it, even if she does need help on some of the bigger words.

Fast Friendly Facts:

Name: Mia the Monster Bank

Birthday: August 12, 2013

Favorite Activity: Reading

Best Friend: Sophie the Monster Bank

Favorite Color(s): Pink and Purple

Place She’d Like to Visit: Belle’s library in Beauty and the Beast

You can visit Mia in the shop here!


What do you think of this new segment? Any Littles you’d like to see highlighted? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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