Friendly Friday: McKayla the Piggy Bank

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you had a fabulous week and are getting ready for a fun weekend! As started last week, Friendly Fridays feature a more in-depth look at some of the Littles. This week I am very excited to introduce you to McKayla the Piggy.


McKayla is not your average piggy. She’s very sophisticated. You’ll never find her wearing WP_20131031_003white after Labor Day, and her shoes always match her handbag. (Or, she would, if she wore shoes. Or carried a handbag for that matter!) Every day at four she takes tea with her friends, where she serves cucumber-nickel sandwiches on fine china. And yes, there is typically a string quartet playing in the background.

WP_20131031_006Her favorite activity is shopping along the most famous shops on 5th Avenue in Manhattan: Pigdorfs, Swine’s Fifth Avenue and Boarovskis. Some days she likes to channel her inner Audrey Hepburn and has breakfast at Oinkanny’s. But don’t get her wrong-she’s not always high brow and polished. When no one is looking, she loves to chow down at Pork-o-Bell on some quarter-quesadillas!

Fast Friendly Facts:

Name: McKayla the Piggy Bank          Favorite Colors: Black and Silver

Birthday: June 4, 2013                       Favorite Activity: Shopping

Favorite Food: Cucumber-nickel sandwiches (or quarter-quesadillas!)

WP_20131031_009Best Friend: Emmerson the Piggy Bank 


You can visit McKayla in the Storenvy Shop or our brand new Etsy Shop!


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