A Look into Little’s Land

Happy, happy Monday!

Last week I told you all about my New Year’s resolution to get myself-and Just for Littles-organized. Today, I’m going to share with you my progress so far. (I’m pretty proud of it, in a nerdy kind of way!)

The first step was to figure out a system to organize my products. After looking in several thrift shops, online stores, catalogs, and even the mall, I found this fabulous shoe holder and organizer. It fits my banks perfectly, all in one spot.



WP_20140110_002 I love that it has a zipper front to keep dust out (and mischievous monsters in!). But my absolutely favorite part is the funky zebra print! Girl’s gotta have style, right? I then numbered each little cubby in bright WP_20140110_001red pen. This entire unit I refer to as “Little’s Land” because it’s where all of the Littles live!


The next step was to number every finished bank with a unique item number written right on its bottom, which helps both me and my customers. This is a super easy and efficient way to track each individual product. As soon as a bank is finished, it gets a unique number, its photo taken and a spot in Little’s Land. I then open my Product Inventory Spreadsheet and input all of that information and boom! Everything I need to know about finished products is at my finger tips, saving me time and headaches!

WP_20140110_006It also gives my customers a super easy and specific way to communicate with me about their purchases. Rather than “I love the pink monster bank I bought from you, could you replicate it?” and me having a vague idea which specific item it is, they can now give me an item number. I can pull that number up and see exactly which item it is. And yes, I can replicate it, and everyone is happy!

So that’s a look into Little’s Land, where all the Littles live before they’re adopted! What do you think? How do you organize your craft products? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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