Tips to Organize Yourself

It’s Tuesday!! I am very excited about this because, well Tuesdays are awesome! And it’s Tip for Tuesday, and I think this one is going to be super fabulous. In keeping with the theme of organization, today I’m offering a few tips on organizing yourself-something I think a lot of people forget to do (myself included!). Focusing on yourself is how you give your best self to your friends and family, so it’s super important–and totally something I am still working on! But we can work on this together, right?

1. Start with an honest survey of yourself. This is so hard for me. Like most people, I tend to judge myself by my intentions (what I’m going to do) rather than what I accomplish (what I actually do). (Hence why today’s post is a little late!) But you can’t fix what you don’t face! I knew I wasted a lot of time in ten minute bunches-“oh, I’ll do that in ten minutes!” “Just give me ten minutes to read this article on sewage systems!” But like I said, I had great ambitions, so that was okay, right? Wrong! I could mindlessly waste hours some days-not okay! So I kept a journal on me for a week and documented everything I actually did (even wasting ten minutes here and there) and it was a huge eye opener!

2. Embrace lists! If you’ve read my blog, you know my reluctant love of lists. But ya know what? They work, and that’s probably why everyone suggests them. I advise making lists that go beyond the immediate future-I have a basic outline for all of 2014’s blogs. That way, I know whats coming up and can begin working on what needs to be done before I feel the panicked rush. However, I still use a smaller, day-to-day list so small details don’t fall through the cracks. I also try to set goals for a week before they need to be done, so if something comes up (hello Life!!), I don’t fall behind.

3. Don’t forget a time schedule. This is absolutely the hardest part for me-I have never been a fan of rigid schedules. But Devin talked me into trying a very loose, very flexible daily schedule which works for me! Working from home allows me to set a work time that fits my style. From my journal-keeping mentioned above, I noticed I work best in the afternoon/evenings. So I try to use the morning and midday for photography and computer work, and leave my sweet spot for painting! I know a lot of people don’t have the obvious flexibility I do, but there are small ways to make the day work for you: designate time to set up and begin the day with everything you need, set aside a lunch hour just for you, or scheduling your work day into chunks can really decrease daily stress.

4. Try Going Paperless. This is a tip straight from Devin! Going paperless not only declutters your work area, but it makes finding things a snap. These days, there are scanners that link up to software that categorizes and organizes it all for you. I use my Windows phone all the time-I love that it has the full office suit on it!

5. Don’t Forget a Budget. I know, blergh! I want to be able to go into Michael’s and just go hog wild in the paint section! Not have a list of what I need and stick to it. And then I really don’t want to write it down in a budget book at home! But it’s really liberating to know exactly where I (and my business) stand financially right now so I know how to get to where I want to be later. And keeping a working budget as easy as adding money coming in and subtracting money you’ve spent! That’s it-no excuses!!

What do you do to help organize yourself?


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