Friendly Friday: Mikey the Monster Bank

It’s Friday-my favorite day (and post!) of the week! I am super excited to introduce you to today’s featured Little. Meet Mikey, the Sneaker Loving Monster Bank!

Mikey the Shoe Loving Monster

mikey the shoe loving monster3Mikey can be found most often on the park’s basketball courts. He’s always down for a quick pick up game with friends, but he practices very seriously everyday. You have to if you want to get into college and play for coach Kay and the Blue Monsters! After being a sensation all through March Madness, Mikey plans to going pro in the MBA (the Monster Basketball Association). WP_20131231_122

What’s his secret? His shiny red sneakers! They’re the latest in the Air Monsters line, specifically designed to help monsters jump higher and dunk harder! He’s sure with his special sneakers on his feet and some hardwork, he’ll achieve his all of his dreams!

His best friend in the world is Brick the Turtle Bank. Brick isn’t much of a basketball WP_20131003_004player-he’s a little slow down the court and can’t dunk to save his life-but he’s very supportive of his friend’s dreams. He brings his boom box out to the basketball court and shakes his groove thang while Mikey practices.

Fast Friendly Facts:

Name: Mikey the Shoe Loving Monster                   Favorite Color: Turquoise

Birthday: December 9, 2013                                 Favorite Activity: Playing Basketball

Best Friend: Brick the Turtle Bank                         Favorite Food: Popcorn Pennies

Mikey the shoe loving monster2You can bring Mikey home to a basketball loving kid from the Storenvy or Etsy shops!



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