Friendly Friday: Sweet Sarah the Monster Bank

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am super happy to introduce to you one of the sweetest, hardest working monsters I know: Sarah!


2Sarah loves playing her violin! She has a specialty made Stradimonsterous that fits under her little monster chin perfectly. Everyday she practices her etudes and bowing exercises, so she doesn’t hit her horns on the up bows!

Sarah dreams of playing in a world famous orchestra like the New York Philharmonsterca or the Muenster Orchestra. There’s nothing better than performing Rachmonsterof or Beasthoven in front of a large crowd! (Well, except maybe a double-dipped chocolate quarter cone!) WP_20131231_074Her biggest fan is her best friend Joey. He shows up to all of her rehearsals and uses the time to write his mystery novels. His latest is about a double agent violinist, though he insists he has no real life inspiration. When the final chord is struck in Sarah’s concerts, he always cheers the loudest!


Fast Friendly Facts:

Name: Sarah the Monster Bank                              Favorite Colors: Pink & Purple

Birthday: April 12, 2013                                           Favorite Activity: Playing her violin

Best Friend: Joey the Monster Bank          Favorite Food: Double Dipped Quarter Cones

Where you can find her: In the Just For Littles Shop!


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