Case of the Missing Coins!

Something strange has been happening here in Little’s Land. Lately, all of the extra coins that are usually lying around the house have gone missing. At first, I thought I was going crazy-didn’t I just leave a roll of quarters here? Where’d that group of pennies go? It was rather creepy, so decided to set a trap!

I put out a few coins, placed a hidden camera and waited.

And waited.

At first I thought nothing was going to happen. But soon, a nose began to peek around the corner.

WP_20140119_016Wait a minute…that nose looks familiar…is that…?


It looks a little bit like Leroy the Elephant…


It is Leroy the Elephant! He’s the one who’s been sneaking all the extra coins!WP_20140119_021Leroy, you sill Elephant!

Learn more about Leroy or adopt him in either the Storenvy Shop or the Etsy Shop!


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