Friendly Fridays: Pig Skin the Piggy Bank

Pig Skin is very excited. VERY excited. What’s got him so worked up? Super Bowl weekend, of course!


You see, Pig Skin loves football. From the time he was a little piglet bank he has had a love WP_20130324_056_largeof the grid iron, the clashing helmets and shot gun formations. His little sty was decorated in the color of his favorite team: the Washington Pigskins! He and his best friend Corey the Teddy Bear would meet up every Sunday to watch the games, trade football cards and play catch outside.

WP_20131031_051_largeAs soon as he was big enough he began playing in a pee-wee league. Unfortunately, as his peers grew, Pig Skin stayed small. Eventually he was too little to play, even as the kicker. But he never let his small size deter him-he knew he was destined to be on the field someday! He finally got his chance when the equipment manager forgot to pack all the footballs for the game. Pig Skin, being the smallest team member, was the perfect size to be the ball! He loves his new position, and the best part? He always gets to score the winning goal!




Fast Friendly Facts:

Name: Pig Skin the Piggy Bank          Favorite Colors: Red & Yellow & Brown

Birthday: September 9, 2013                  Favorite Activity: Playing Football

Best Friend: Corey the Teddy Bear Bank     Favorite Food: Cheesy Nickle Nachos

Pig Skin is super excited for the big game this weekend between the Denver Broncos & the Seattle Seahawks! Though his favorite team didn’t quite make it this year, he’s going to be cheering super loud for a good game. He wants to know who you think will win the Super Bowl? And who is your all-time favorite team?  Let him know in the comments below, or join in the ‘official’ voting on our Facebook page!

Wanna bring Pig Skin home to help cheer with a special football fan? You can adopt him in the Just for Littles shop here!



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