Welcome Home!

Hello Friends!

You may have noticed a slight absence from my online presence-for that I must apologize. However, I do have a fairly good reason: My family-all the Littles included-left the hustle and bustle of New York City and moved across the county, returning to my hometown. And we are loving it! But man, those two weeks of packing everything onto a truck, flying and finding an apartment while Devin started his new job were tough. Thank goodness for a great family support system with lots of love and patience! I am so excited to be back online, connecting with my friends and fans, and helping fun Littles find their new forever homes.

Speaking of homes, I am so excited to give you all a back-stage, super sneak peek into MY new home through a pictorial tour. (No VIP passes needed!)

WP_20140320_005Right off the entry way is my kitchen, which is my favorite in the house so far. Its definitely the sunniest and happiest room! It is a bit small, but its perfect for one person. And I love the French chefs that I have decorated it with-they always make me smile, and sometimes even offer up a few cooking tips! (Like, dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off, right? Oops…!) My favorite part, though, is the cutout underneath the cabinets that let me talk to people while cooking. 

Next, we have the dining room/living room area. As you WP_20140320_002can see, we still have some work to do like hanging up pictures and unpacking those last few pesky boxes. You know those boxes, the ones with stuff in them that you have no idea what do with, so you just leave in the box….forever. (Like in the Incredibles when she calls the husband to let him know that after 3 years, they are finally moved in because she unpacked the last box!) The living room is really cozy, and I love sitting by the window with a cup of coffee and a good book. Perfect break time area!


WP_20140320_006Here are my stairs, and a corner shot of my hutch (which I adore!). And a bonus shout-out of a monster plush from Lu & Ed and my buddy Ryan the Birthday Lion from Kiser Krafts! They were travel buddies in the truck, and helped all along the way. They made sure everyone was paired up so no one was lost, and helped calm the nerves of  some of the smaller banks who were a bit frightened of the move. Thankfully, everyone arrived safe and sound, though they are relieved to be out of the dark boxes. Thanks guys!


Upstairs we have this awesome loft with a fire place! I’m WP_20140320_008almost bummed that the weather is warming up because I am dying to try it out!! Once we clear out the boxes, get a couch and some shelves, this is going to be our media room. How great will it be to snuggle up with a roaring fire, some cocoa and a good movie? Eee! It’s also where Devin will be able to display all of his sports memorabilia (of which there is a lot!).He’s very excited about that, and is already planning which piece will go where for optimal showcasing.


And now–the BEST part of my new home–MY STUDIO!


It’s a bit rough still, but I am loving this room! I absolutely adore the sloping roof down to the window by my table. It makes the room feel quirky and fun, a great place to be creative. And it is so fabulous being able to go to work in my own area and then leave my work in that area at the end of my day. I have so many plans for this room, it makes my head spin, but I am excited with all the possibilities. I already have an antiquing date with my sister this Friday to find some funky cool shelves and storage system. It’s going to be epic! 

So that’s my new home, I hope you enjoyed the tour! We love it already. And if you’re in the Tri-City, WA area, come by and say hi! If not, you can always find us on the Facebook page and in the shop!!


What room in your house is your favorite?



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