Dreams and Taxes

They say the worst part of owning a small business is the taxes. And I know that taxes is no one’s idea of fun (I mean, no one throws a “Happy April 15th, Tax Season!” party), but doing it for a small business is ~ugh~ awful.

That’s what I’ve been doing in Little’s Land this week, all to fulfill a childhood dream of mine.

In my hometown, there’s a huge, yearly craft fair in the local park. I loved going every year with my mom. It was so much fun looking at all of the handmade goodness under the huge trees along the river. I loved the candles, jewelry, and paintings-but what I really loved how happy everyone seemed. Vendors seemed to be having as much fun as the shoppers. You could always find the perfect present and run into a friend or two. It was just a great weekend in the park with fun people and awesome handmade stuff. I always wanted to be a part of it as a vendor.

But life happens: you go away to college, then you move to New York City because you fell in love. But then, you move home. (Or at least I did.) And now I can take my Littles banks to the park and fulfill my childhood dream.

I wish it were that easy. What I forgot is that I needed to update my licenses for my new state of business. In theory, it’s not that difficult to do. You simply go to the website, pick the one you need, fill out the forms and voila, you’re licensed in two business days. In reality, there are a bazillion licenses to choose from and even more subcategories in each one. Adding to that, Washington collects sales tax. Obviously I knew this before, but it really ran my mind through the ringer trying to figure out how I’m supposed to pay what when and to whom.

Thankfully, everyone in the Washington licensing offices are super nice and helpful. And Devin and my sister are super smart (and patient!) and I got everything done and submitted. And now—sooo excited—I have my Washington state tax ID number!

Yes, I immediately logged on to apply for the summer craft show (with two days to spare before the deadline!). Now I’m just crossing my fingers that the Littles are accepted and we can have a fun weekend in the park this summer with lots of friends!

Now we just need to do our personal taxes…blargh! lol!


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