What’s On My Desk Today

Happy Thursday Friends! Today I thought I would take a minute and share what’s on my work table at the moment. I tend to work on a couple of different projects at the same time, all in different stages of completion. Here’s a quick peek at what’s going on:

WP_20140626_002Yup, it’s a bit of a mess right now, but I promise there’s a method to my madness! I have just finished the first base coat on a teal dragon-I love the light blue color. He reminds me of the Reluctant Dragon. On the right side, there are two teddy bears. The black and tan on is complete and waiting for his item number and to sealed. The blue one….let’s just say he may be a big Seahawks fan! Behind them is a super happy piggie who thinks she’s a lady bug!

In the middle you can see a purple and gold monster bank. This is something special I am doing for my craft show Art in the Park next month. I am going to make a few monsters in the local school colors. Of course, I started with my alma mater Hanford High School! Next to him is a blue elephant. You can’t see it too well, but he has silver stars on his booty, which make me giggle when I see them! He needs a few more before he’s finished, but I keep calling him Captain Elephant in my head.

 In the back on the left is a yellow piggie with a rainbow. Underneath I think I will put the word “Believe.” I always like to believe in the wonderment that is the other side of the rainbow. However, I am a little stuck on what to put on the other side-another rainbow, or something else? What do you think? Next to him is my very first robot bank! He’s super close to being finished, just needs a second coat on some colors and a few touch ups. You can also see a couple of turtles. One of them dreams of being a race car driver…!

And way in the back, there are some mini-piggies. I love how tiny they are! They take me a while to paint because I am attempting to recreate some pro and college football logos on them. It’s a challenge to free hand the designs, but I am having a blast with them!

So there’s a quick peek into my work table! How do you work-all messy like me, or are you more organized? I’d love to hear about your method in the comments-or even leave a picture!




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