21 Things You Simply Must Do This November

Hello Friends-and welcome November! Can you believe how fast 2014 is flying by? Soon it will be behind us, so it’s important to take some time to stop and enjoy the little things life presents us. And what better time of year than when it gets a little colder and you’re surrounded by friends and family?

  1. Catch a falling leaf. When I was a young girl, I believed that falling leaves were similar to shooting stars-when you see one, you get to make a wish! And if you caught that leaf, it was twice as special!
  2. Try a new coffee, tea or cocoa flavor. Find a new twist on an old favorite during the seasonal sales, like apple cider coffee!
  3. Break out the blankets! Cuddles are extra snuggly under a fluffy blanket. Bonus points if the blanket was handmade by a family member or friend.
  4. Hug the oldest person in your family. If they’re far away, give them a call!
  5. Hug the youngest person in your family.  And maybe a sloppy kiss, too!
  6. Meet a new neighbor. Chocolate chip cookies are great ice breakers. Take a plate and knock on doors!
  7. Prepare your plants for winter. Do they need to be mulched or trimmed? Now is the time to tackle that project so your lilies will come up next spring!
  8. Take a day to yourself. With the holidays around the corner, you’re going to be busy. So take a day now to pamper yourself however you like!
  9. Watch some football. Even if you’re not a fan, find a group of people, pick a team and cheer!! Don’t forget the tail gating food!
  10. Gather fall flowers. I like to include neat leaves, pine cones and acorns, too.
  11. Plan a mini date. Remember to set aside a bit of time for some romance!
  12. Stock up on winter necessities. Grab your lotions, mittens, shovels, soup stock, chap stick, fuzzy socks-whatever you’re gonna need for when the snow falls, get it now!
  13. Put away summer clothes and take out the winter ones. Hooray for sweaters and leggings!
  14. Make a pie. Pumpkin, apple, chocolate-it’s all good! Heck, even store bought is great if you’re not a great baker.
  15. Rake up your leaves and jump in them! This childhood classic will never get old!
  16. Wear a different hat every day of the week.
  17. Take a walk. Listen to the leaves crunch under your feet.
  18. Light up your fireplace. Spend the first of many chilly nights in front of a cozy fire.
  19. Check out your local theater. Many groups are preparing their first shows of the season. No theater group? Check out high school drama club shows!
  20. Find a new board game for the family. When you can’t play outside, you’ll have something fun to do that’s unplugged.
  21. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! It just isn’t the holidays without the parade.

What are some things you enjoy during November? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!




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