Hello friends!

Enter the cliche “boy, is it the end of the year already?’ here! But it’s true, this year just flewnew year by for me, my family and my shop. I was going to sit down today and write about my goals for the new year…but that just doesn’t feel right.

I see online everywhere, everyone is talking about their resolutions for next year. Work out, lose weight, work harder at their job, spend more time with family, read more books…whatever it is, people are resolving to become a better version of themselves. And that’s great! We should all be striving to be the best we can be, always chasing our dreams.

But I want to take some time and applaud everything we’ve done this year! Maybe you got a promotion? Good for you! Or you got married or had a baby or finally asked that cute guy out at the coffee shop? Way to go! Perhaps you lost 10 pounds or ran a marathon? Yes!! Or maybe it was a crappy year you’re glad to get behind you–at least you made it through to the other side! Maybe it was just a year of average-ness? Still great!

I feel that in our society today, we hear so much about how we can be better-look better, work better, parent better-that we forget to love who we ARE right now. We are beautiful, intelligent people who deserve the good things that life offers us. Instead many people feel they are unworthy because they aren’t a size 2 or don’t have the most glamorous job or apartment–I say BAH! You are awesome!!

calvin resolution

Don’t get me wrong-I have my own set of New Years Resolutions. To work out more (I’m so unfamiliar with the gym I call it James), drink more water and work on my Etsy shop and blog (hello!) more, grab more opportunities to continue to grow. But I am also taking some time to remember my accomplishments: I moved across the country, I took part in a 300+ vendor fair, I got back into playing music in a symphony and will start teaching soon, expanded Just for Littles to include figurines and wall are–all awesome things! Go me!

What I’m saying is, this New Years, don’t just focus on what you’re NOT and how to fix it. Take some time to be proud of who you ARE and applaud it. Wear it proudly.

Because you’re awesome.


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